Image of the moment: Malachite Kingfisher

The story: I got to watch an epic battle of a malachite kingfisher trying to eat a reed frog through a 10lb lens. What an amazing experience! It felt like a hollywood blockbuster. We were in a very shallow boat, taking a picture and poling closer, taking a picture, poling closer. Finally we got to the point where we didn’t want to risk scaring it off. Instead it flew off but to a reed nearby where a frog was clutching a reed. We watched the bird from the next reed over pull and pull getting each limb loose, but the frog always managed to get one limb free to grab the reed just as the last one popped off. Picture Chuck from the TV show Chuck (best show ever BTW!) hanging from a rooftop edge with someone stepping on one hand then the other. Anyway, this went on for quite a while and I support the circle of life and all that but I began to root for the frog. Eventually the frog was pretty much done for, in the beak, limbs hanging in defeat, and the bird goes to toss the frog back, but drops it! Frog falls in water and swims away with only Post traumatic stress disorder and slightly longer limbs. Wow! The okavango delta is such an amazing place.



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