Post processing? -> Lightroom

A friend asked me recently about software I recommend he use. I recommended Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

There’s a gap between capturing an image and getting it to print the way it looked to the eye. Often in the digital capture in order to not lose detail in the shadows or the highlights you lose contrast and images look flat, or often the image needs to be cropped in a bit to emphasize the story of the image. I mostly use Lightroom for filling that gap.

I get asked a lot of if my photos are “photoshopped” which I interpret to mean is the reality of the image created in the camera or digitally? My blur campaign shots are done with slow shutter speeds. While I do have a few illutrations or digital paintings done with photoshop (using the mixer brush tool to actually make brush strokes) most of my pictures I have just tweaked the exposure or fixed the color balance, or removed dust spots. As such, I’m spending most of my non photographing time in Adobe’s Lightroom software. It lets you add a 1/3rd of a stop of exposure to a whole series of pictures that I might have missed the exposure on. 10 pics, add 1/3stop, done. I used to like exploring the different weird effects you can do in photoshop, but these days I find myself being more about the image in the camera (no judgment implied like so many photographers that believe in a purity of film etc.)

Anyway, I do highly recommend Lightroom as a step up tool that will improve your photoagraphy and let you deal with the massive collections of photos we are all building. Check out a 30 day trial at adobe Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3


One Response to “Post processing? -> Lightroom”

  1. Well stated, Bryn! I can clearly see the trend in the industry heading back toward the “less-photoshopped” look, at least in my own gallery. Nice post.

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