Gray – or – the antithesis of vibrance [Image of the moment]

gray ocean against gray sky



I’m sure this won’t be a super popular photo, but from time to time I find myself drawn to super low contrast photos. Clearly it’s lacking in color, and not much contrast. I also love objects almost entirely ensconced in fog. A lot of my review committee (friends and family) don’t share this interest in low constrast, and that’s fine, I recognize most people are more likely to say wow to a bright colorful constrasty image (that’s why all the TVs in the stores are cranked all the way to 11 on saturation and contrast, to the point that you can’t play a dark movie or video game on them when you get them home)
One way I try to push myself creatively is to find a picture that interests me that is “against the rules”. Flex the creative muscles by causing them to work in a new way. This picture falls in that category. It’s one I personally enjoy especially printed on aluminum, and I’m ok with it not being popular.


2 Responses to “Gray – or – the antithesis of vibrance [Image of the moment]”

  1. I like it!
    It wouldn’t sell too fast in the gallery, but I think you could add some element like a canoe way off in the corner??? A rainbow/dolphin/unicorn perhaps??? Ha Good work. I hope to see you while you are here!
    Julieanne kost would love this one!

    Hey, see what happens if you horizontal motion blur the ocean!

  2. Definitely I traditionally would say a canoe way off in the corner would be good, but somebody commented to me via email, saying they thought the image was about being formless and linear. Perhaps the motion blur on the ocean would increase that by removing the detail, but it may take it too much out of place, we’ll just have to see! Thanks for the ideas.

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