Context [Image of the moment]

Photographers have problems evaluating their own work. For one, we are too close, it’s very personal. Two, we know the context of the picture. Perhaps we had a really good time that day, or we remember the whole trip as being great, and the image is emblematic of that. The viewers of the image don’t know the context and are connecting (or not) in a vacuum. They bring their own histories, that the image may evoke, but they don’t know, that when I see this image, all I remember is constantly swatting at the darn biting flies on the west side of new zealand. I have to remember to reject that, and see the beautiful ocean and the striations, just about to tip over and break. What do you see? Have I ruined it for you by mentioning biting flies?


One Response to “Context [Image of the moment]”

  1. Randolph Jay Braun Says:

    This is an all-time favorite of mine, Bryn!

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