Painting with Lasers! [video]

Check out this video I shot with Russell Brown (Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems) on using lasers and flatbed printers to add multidimensionality to “prints”. You can add texture to a picture using the information in the image, carving out relief to show individual hairs on a person’s beard, or just add paint brush like texture.

It was a blast getting to videographer for such a creative guy like Russell, constantly exploding with ideas.

Having done all the editing on Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Soundbooth, that the CS5 version is really really great. I would recommend it to people using more expensive editing software. You can preview edits and effects in real time with a NVidia graphics card and their CUDA drivers (that technology came out of my friend Ian Buck’s graduate work. Go Ian!)


Here’s the adobe blog post with the video:

You can click “watch on youtube” on the player, to watch in HD


One Response to “Painting with Lasers! [video]”

  1. Randolph Jay Braun Says:

    Great Video!

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