Where would you photograph?

I recently saw a twitter contest asking “Where would you photograph if you could photograph anywhere?”
Of course I had a thousand places and only 140 characters. (some of which were taken up by the link to the contest – normally I dislike spending my twitter followers attention with contests but I thought it was an interesting question)

Some of the things that came to mind:

1) Fedex hub in Memphis — What a fascinating logistics ballet it must be to get all these packages everywhere. Same goes for an Amazon warehouse.
2) behind the scenes at So You Think You Can Dance
3) The International Space Station (hey they said *anywhere*)
4) Behind the scenes at a las vegas casino — I heard they have tubes carrying liquor to the bars and coins to the slot machines
5) Airport — I love airports as a concept, the people, the dance of airplanes coming and going, the frustration, the kiss-n-drive dropoffs, but apparently everybody near an airport with a camera is a terrorist now
6) Baja Mexico, where the humpback whales give birth and bring their young up to the meet the tourists in the zodiacs
7) Anywhere with dolphins
8) White Sands New Mexico (this was inspired by George Lepp who has an incredible pano from there that I just love)
9) Northern Lights viewing spots
10) Bhutan or Tibet — mostly because I want to travel there


Such a fascinating world.

Where would you photograph?


2 Responses to “Where would you photograph?”

  1. Also, I have no idea if it’s a real place, but the india depicted in the tv show Outsourced looks amazing! So much color! For sure I want to visit the real india too.

  2. I’ve always wanted to photograph Thailand. From the food to the temples, the texture of Thailand fascinates me. I’d also like to photograph Scotland and Germany and Spain, but those are all places. I’d like to photograph Chuck Yeager and Lindsay Buckingham and Peter Gabriel and Ray Kurzweil, but thus I digress…

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