“The Good Needs To Be LOUDER”

A friend’s facebook status today reads

My lost wallet was found in the parking lot of Whole Foods by a sweet elderly couple who turned it in to the police. Everything was still in it, credit cards, including the $17 cash. I donated it in gratitude to the goodness of the people. An old friend of mine used to say, “The good needs to be LOUDER!”

We are inundated with the bad at every corner. With our extremely efficient media channels we easily here about every crisis and alert (amber or otherwise) from 3000 miles away. With the increasing noise of modern life, the media outlets need drama to capture attention and so these crises get elevated with 24 hour news coverage and dire possible predictions. As a result we make decisions based on this information. We remove playgrounds because somebody somewhere got hurt.

To offset all the negative, I agree with the quote, we need to emphasize what is good. We need ready access to examples of good. Examples of things that make us happy. Examples of things that are right with the world. We need these with ready access, right in our hearts, so we can turn to them at a moments notice. These things need to be loud, so we can hear them, and when we need to listen to them, others can hear them too.

We also need to emphasize that some risk is ok in exchange for the good. The playground is a perfect example. Our society has gotten so safe that we think we can control risk and aim for perfect safety. But there’s a cost, that is not easily measurable. Things that are hard to measure get de-emphasized in our society. So all the joy that comes from a playground takes a back seat to the kid that broke his arm falling on the concrete and whose parents who love him dearly and want to protect him from the bad, sue to make playgrounds more safe, but end up eliminating the playground. Of course here I am mired in the bad, projecting it out to you. PALETTE CLEANSER -> Check out this picture inadvertently taken by John Nack’s phone (Adobe Photoshop Product Manager and all around good guy) http://instagr.am/p/Cmp3Z/

Anyway, good needs to be louder. We get what we reward, right? Well, we need to reward our friends for the good in their life. If somebody has a nice painting up on their wall, tell other people about your friend who has excellent taste. Pat somebody on the back for smiling when you can’t muster a smile. Share a song that is making you happy even if it’s a catchy jingle and not hip or indie.

To summarize:



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