Music to photograph by?

blue aqua and gray small wave flowing towards shore Not all days do I leap out of the car, camera blazing. Sometimes when I’m having an off day and not feeling the creative juices flowing, I listen to music while I’m exploring a subject. I like to listen to music that half keeps my attention. Enough to drown the “ugh I’m tired” thoughts but not enough to occupy my attention fully or drown out the “hmm maybe vertical” or “maybe fisheye would be good” thoughts. Typically the songs are airy, mellowish, upbeat, not aggresive.

Anybody have any suggestions for me?

Like showing art, it’s scary to tell people what you listen to for fear of judgement. But I accept I am not cool, and I am always looking for new music (though rarely have the patience to explore, hence the asking for recommendations)

Here’s some songs in my “get me in the zone” (upbeat yet calm) or the “keep me undistracted and in the zone” (background) playlists:

Looking for energy, inspiration, need to get started playlist but ease me in to it:

Christmas TV – Slow Club
Tire Swing – Kimya Dawson (Juno Soundtrack)
A Good Run Of Bad Luck – Clint Black
The Secret Of My Success – The Night Riders (Secret of my success soundtrack)
Camera One – Josh Joplin
Bette Davis Eyes – Gwyneth Paltrow (Duets soundtrack)
Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads
I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island [warning bad words]
Hello City – Bare Naked Ladies

Creative flow:
Hallelujah – Allison Crowe
Make You Feel My Love – Adele
The Old Ways – Loreena McKennitt
All Souls Night – Loreena McKennitt
A&E – Goldfrapp
Wish U Were Here – Bliss
Mad World – Gary Jules (from Donnie Darko soundtrack)
Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 – Joshua Bell
Orinoco Flow (Remastered 2009 Version) – Enya
You Gotta Move – Cassandra Wilson
Will I? – Ian Van Dahl
Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World – IZ
Square One – Tom Petty (Elizabethtown soundtrack)
Suite From Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri
Deep Breakfast – Ray Lynch

Of course, these are tailored to my needs at this stage in my life. Some people work better with a loud speed metal playlist to pump them up.

Anyway, given the examples above, can you send me suggestions on what to add to my playlist? I’m in desperate need of some new stuff.


7 Responses to “Music to photograph by?”

  1. A fun fact you probably do not know about me: I paint, usually acrylic landscapes. I used to be good, but mommy-hood has taken over my life and all free time/interests. However, when I used to paint, I almost always opted for Norah Jones or Jack Johnson (relaxing, yet playful and easy to tune out everything and just focus on my work). Good luck!

    • I did not know that! Cool! Someday (perhaps in 17 years or so) you’ll have to post pics of your work!

      • Yes, indeed. My mother is much better than I am but she taught me a lot and we’ve always dreamed of opening up a gallery together one day. The only “friends” who really know this about me would be Rustan and Allison (as they’ve both seen the paintings I was working on right before I got pregnant with Tucker). Alas, someday I’ll have my own little garage studio again and get back into it. So now you know why I’m secretly jealous and thrilled that you’ve opened up your gallery as I can live vicariously through you for the next decade until I can do it myself :-)

  2. Dear Bryn,

    I love this picture of mild waves. How can I buy the right to use this images please? I have a meditation CD named Ocean Whispers. I just feel this picture fit so well with my image of the CD cover. If you agree, how should we proceed please?

    Good Qi
    Robert Peng

  3. lensaddiction Says:

    This is what Im loving right now in the music space

    Secondhand Rapture album by MSMR – good chillout music with enuf beat to be interesting but can zone out easy to it

    Close your Eyes album by Digital Datters – similar to above but slightly edgier in sound. Lovely lyrics

    The Birthday Massacre – indie goth rock from Canada but don’t let that put you off, has a great sound and fab lyrics

    Hans Zimmer movie sound tracks – he does GREAT soundtracks, my personal fave is Gladiator

    (first time poster, came over from Leannes blog post)

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