How do you (literally) see the world?

Most photographers will tell you that a 50mm lens is the human eye equivalent. Further proof that I’m not normal. When I look through a viewfinder and then take the camera away quickly and back, or alternate closing one eye, 50mm doesn’t match how I see. Do things seem closer or farther away to you than a 50mm lens?

When I took my pilot’s license medical exam, they had a system of testing your peripheral vision. basically something would slide in to view and you’d have to note when you could see it. The doctor remarked I had unusually wide angle field of view.

Perhaps this is why I like to print so huge. a 40″x60″ piece seems so much more full of life to me. I can live in the image longer, and appreciate it more fully. I’m also the guy that doesn’t mind sitting in the front section of the movie theater (though I do get a crick in my neck if too close).

Maybe that explains the 138″ video wall I built, the 4 foot by 7 foot lego mosaic, and the desire to get this denali picture printed 20 feet wide (it is a composite of over 600 images so there’s enough detail to do it!)


Am I just falling in to the trap that bigger is better or does how I see the world change my artistic stle? Chime in with your comments.


2 Responses to “How do you (literally) see the world?”

  1. Yes Bryn, size does matter. My reason for wanting large output is that it immerses the viewer and removes competing factors surrounding the image. That’s why I like iMax movies. The fact that we tend to walk right up to images these days means that we must have higher resolution files. Viewers expect to se more detail by walking closer. Digital is helping, but composites and other methods become more important as our viewing audience becomes more sophisticated and demanding.

  2. Thanks for commenting George! Excellent point that a large print not only fills your view, but removes distractions. I hadn’t thought of it that way before! I too love IMAX movies, and look forward to 4k video becoming the standard for home use too (so I can sit 2 feet from my tv ;)

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